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Dark Days and the Importance of Sleep

In these the darkest days of the year I've been working on improving my sleep. The feeling of waking up fully rested is incredible!

A Room of My Own

I need time alone to recharge my batteries. And now, after a lot of thinking and some hard work, I do.

An Unscheduled Day

A day a week with no plans - how would that feel? And what would I do? An interesting idea worth trying.

10 things fatigue syndrome has thought me

I've been living with fatigue syndrome since 2005. These are a few of the important things I've learned in that time.


My life is uncharacteristically filled with social events at the moment. That means I need to take extra time to recharge. Time to disconnect.

Introducing: Elder Cat

There are two cats in the Livslevandes family. The Elder Cat is - of course - the oldest.

The importance of rest

During my recovery from my burnout / fatigue syndrome, I've discovered the importance of rest. And I'm not talking about sleep...

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