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Retirement Planning and the Problem with the Future

My husband is planning for early retirement, with my help. It's not easy! And there is a problem: the future.

The Art of Buying

I've found a new way of looking at things. I think of things, stuff, as experiences - and that has led me to value them differently.

Things with Value

While I am drawn to minimalism, I do welcome new things into my life occasionally. But some things that make it to my wishlist seem to take up permanent residence, and still never get bought. What is it that makes things valuable enough to buy, in my mind? And what if I try another way of deciding what gets to the top of the list?

Needful things?

For the first time in my life, I've been doing "retail therapy". An interesting experience, but not as good as my usual simple living. I need balance, so today I begin a "Shop No Things" period.

Thieves of Time, part 2

In order to live a more simple life, I need to find and eliminate my time-thieves. Part 2/2.

November challenges: no unsolicited advice, more walking. And frugal month part 3.

I've become aware of how easily I give advice. And yet I know that I hardly even know what's best for myself. That's a habit I want to break. And walk more and keep living frugally.

Frugality is liberating

Frugal living doesn't mean to constantly deny yourself pleasure. On the contrary, when frugality becomes a habit you'll have more possibilities to do the things that are important to you. Let me share a few tips on things to try - the best way to save is on things you won't be missing.

A Frugal kind of Life

I've always lived frugally, sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. But I'm also living a very rich life - in part through the frugal way of life.

Time is money… right?

"Time is money" - is it? How much time do you really spend to get your money? How much time is the money worth to you?

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