moving towards a simpler life



Thieves of Time, part 1

In order to live a more simple life, I need to find and eliminate my time-thieves. Part 1/2.

Prioritizing life

In order to handle my time better I need to get my priorities straight. What are the most important things in my life?

November challenges – how did I do?

3 months of frugality completed! How did we do? And what about walking, and not giving advice?

Life balance and time

Life balance, this illusive dream... I've been chasing it too. But I think I may have found the key.

10 things fatigue syndrome has thought me

I've been living with fatigue syndrome since 2005. These are a few of the important things I've learned in that time.

November challenges: no unsolicited advice, more walking. And frugal month part 3.

I've become aware of how easily I give advice. And yet I know that I hardly even know what's best for myself. That's a habit I want to break. And walk more and keep living frugally.

October challenges completed

Second frugal month, evening walks and less Internet were my challenges this month. Mixed results, but not to bad!


My life is uncharacteristically filled with social events at the moment. That means I need to take extra time to recharge. Time to disconnect.

A Frugal kind of Life

I've always lived frugally, sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. But I'm also living a very rich life - in part through the frugal way of life.

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