moving towards a simpler life


Fatigue syndrome

A more joyful life

I think the key ingredients to a more joyful life is to clear away the unneccessary and take notice of the sources of joy that are already in my life.

The Power of Habits

The brains ability to create automated tasks and habits can be of great help. When it works.

Life balance and time

Life balance, this illusive dream... I've been chasing it too. But I think I may have found the key.

Looking after myself

Sometimes looking after myself means giving myself time to listen to my inner voices.

10 things fatigue syndrome has thought me

I've been living with fatigue syndrome since 2005. These are a few of the important things I've learned in that time.


My life is uncharacteristically filled with social events at the moment. That means I need to take extra time to recharge. Time to disconnect.

Find your rhythm

When I was running through life, towards my fatigue syndrome, I lost all sense of life's rhythm. Living by my own natural rhythms makes life much more simple and joyful.

Invest your time in sleep

Lack of sleep affects your body and mind negatively. For me, lack of sleep also triggers my fatigue syndrome. I've found a way to sleep better.

Take a deep breath

One of my warning signals that my stress level is rising comes from my skin. It gets over sensitive and aches. It was only last year I found out why.

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