I’m constantly tired these days. The darkness of winter, a stressful period at work and the intense socializing in the end of December and beginning of January are the main reasons.

This Monday I had the day of, and time to stop and think for what felt like the first time in ages. And I realised that I’ve lost my good habits, the ones I struggled really hard last year to find. I need to Recharge. Go back to the basics until I find my balance again.

I also accepted what I’ve known for some time but have been unwilling to admit: I have to cut down on the blogging. Since I started blogging and decided on posting twice a week, I’ve had several new activities added to my schedule. And I’ve found a really strong longing to try An Unscheduled Day per week. I’ve been doing my habitual adding of activities without taking any away – even though it wasn’t long ago that I settled on “one activity in – one activity out” as a firm ground rule. (Although come to think of it I added the activities before I settled on the rule. I guess I was overly optimistic about my time – an other longtime habit.)

So from now on I’ll settle for new posts once a week, with the option to add an extra if I want to and have time to spare. I want blogging to continue to be a source of joy, not a source of stress. Quality is better than quantity, in writing as well as many other parts of life, and “oh shit, tomorrow is posting-day!”-posts aren’t generally of that high quality anyway.

It’s really fascinating to me how I can have all these insights, and still fail to keep living by them. Very human, though, and typical for my newer habits in times of stress to wilter and fade.  But with time and a bit more focus they can usually be brought back to life again. So, it’s back to basics for me for a while. A Reboot, to clear my mind and nudge my good habits back in place.

(And oh, look at the time – time to post!)