This is not my general kind of post… As I write this, I’m sitting on a bus on an unexpected trip for work. I’m not fond of unexpected work-related time-consuming activities, I prefer to contain work within the 4 hours a day that are my basic schedule. Lately that’s been hard to do, which is one reason why I’m having trouble sleeping.
In this case though this trip is the lesser of two evils. It was either take the bus tonight, sleep over at my destination and take a course tomorrow and then another bus home, or get up extremely early tomorrow, drive 3 hours, take the course and drive home. Leaving today is much better, that allows me to be a lot more rested for the course and not completely exhausted when I get home tomorrow night. I’m lucky to have a boss who understands my needs – and I’m getting better at expressing them. In this case much better value for the companys money if I’m rested and can absorb the information I’ll be given tomorrow. And then I’m taking Friday and Monday off – I’ve already worked the hours (and more) this month.


I’m planning to try to follow my routine as well as I can even though I’m not sleeping in my own bed. I find that helps me to relax and sleep better.


As an additional bonus I had a text from a friend, who is traveling too today. Turns out that she is passing through at my destination about the same time as I get there. With a bit of luck we’ll have the chance to meet up. That would be a great bonus, we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as I would like.
As you can see my mind is wandering, I’m a lot less focused than I usually am… But I’m also stubborn, since I’ve decided to post every Monday and Thursday I don’t want to skip a day. And I haven’t had the energy lately to write ahead, as I prefer to do. I’m reluctantly thinking about the possibility that I may have to cut down to once a week until summer. (Since I started writing, I’ve added about 8 hours of regular activities to my weekly schedule.)


But I don’t want to! Writing helps me clarify my thoughts. And although I write mostly for that, for the joy it gives me to put words to my thoughts, it’s very encouraging to see that I have visitors, likes and even followers! It’s really fascinating that you find my thoughts interesting enough to read, thank you!


I’ve decided to close the posts from comments though. I want to be a good hostess and answer if anybody posts a comment – but I’m also still conserving my energy by not engaging in social media. So I’m choosing to be slightly asocial here as well, at least for now. If you want to reach me, you are welcome to contact me via the form (but be patient, it may take some time for me to answer).


It’s snowing heavily outside, and the wind is forceful. But I’m warm and cozy and having the time to put this post together and keeping my posting schedule while traveling – yes, absolutely the right decision to leave today.


See you next week, when I’ll hopefully be back on track…