Our 3 months of focused frugalism are at an end. How did we do? I think we did really well! Our goals were twofold: to be able to pay our mortgage in full before the end of the year, and to see how much the future loss of income (when mr Livslevandes retires in a couple of years) will affect our daily lives. Well, the mortgage is now payed off, so that’s a definitive success. And we have been able to put away more money each month than our income will decrease when mr L retires, so there should be no great effect in our everyday lives economically. So now we’re on for two years of intense shopping, while we still can… just kidding! Now we’ll keep living our normal relatively frugal life, and keep putting away the extra money (increased by the former amount for mortgage every 3 months). That way we’ll be able to do a much needed renovation of our bathroom (about 25 years since last time, so it’s a must, not a want), and keep improving at our cottage by the lake without needing to borrow money ever again. And if things go accordingly to plan still have a little cushion for those extra expensenses, and travelling, once we have less income.

My goal for walking more and reaching an average of 8 000 steps/day has not completely worked out. We have had weather… There is a saying in Swedish: “there is no bad weather, just unsufficient clothing” and I do not try to let weather deter me from my walks. But around 0 degrees and rain – that equals a free day for me, I must admit. As well as a day with heavy snow and strong winds. We’ve had both in November… If I allow myself to discount those days, though, I’ve succeded. The reason I gave myself this challenge in October and November was that I felt I was moving way to little (3 500 steps in average in September!), and I do feel a lot more energized and less inclined to stay put in the sofa every free day. The daily walks are getting to be a habit now, I think I can allow myself to set my focus elsewhere for a while.

My last challenge was to not give unsolicited advice. This has been a real challenge, and definately not a complete success. I have tried, but it’s become very obvious to me that this is a deeply ingrained habit. Especially with some people. I find that if I don’t give advice, it’s hard to know what to say at all, which leads me to realise that this is a pattern we’ve had for a long time. That they too expect med to tell them what to do (and then decide to do that or something else). This challenge has shown me that this is something I need to continue to work with.

All in all a good November. How was yours?