So, today is October 31:st (and Halloween for those of you that celebrate that, which inspired the photo of the day). I had, as is my habit, set up some challenges for myself, and it’s time to tell you how I’ve done.

Frugality was my first goal. And even though we did go on an impromptu weekend at a hotel, we managed to put away quite a bit of money. SEK 3 000 less than last month, but we’ve also payed mortgage this month at more than 5 000 – so discounting that, we actually spent less money than last month, hotel and all. Since one of our goals is to pay the mortgage in full before the end of the year, and the other is to make sure we can still live a good life when Mr Livslevandes goes into early retirement in a couple of years, I think the goal was well met. Even with the stay at the hotel and the mortgage, we put away more than his income will be reduced – and by then the mortgage will be gone. (The hotel nights once in a while are welcome to stay, we had a very nice time and came home well rested and reconnected.)

And we made a good deal this month: we have had two cars for the last few years, which I’ve long felt is unnecessary since I seldom use one alone. But Mr L has had an old station wagon, which I find very uncomfortable to ride in, and claims that he needs it for the cargospace. The not-quite-as-old, and much more comfortable, other car is a sedan. So we’ve been on the lookout for a better station wagon that we could have as only car. And while we were at the hotel, Mr L found it! (On an ad on the interenet, not at the hotel itself.) It’s 5 years younger than our old sedan, and has 50 000 km less on the meter. And we got it at a price that felt very good to us – about half of what we had budgeted. Within a day both of the other cars found new owners as well – that, for me, is a sign that something is really right, when everything just clicks into place. The difference between what we payed for the new-to-us car and what we got for the two older ones is a sum that we will save within 4 years on tax, insurance and services alone with one car instead of two. Nice and frugal deal, hopefully this car will serve us well for a long time.

My second goal was to get into the habit of taking an evening walk, and increasing the number of steps I take by 250 steps each week. My goal was to end up at over 4 150 steps/day on average. And the result? This last week my average was 7 042 steps a day! Amazing… Granted, the greatest part of that comes from putting my bike away for winter and walking to work. The time on the bike was not recorded as steps, so its not quite the total remake of  my excercise habits that it may seem. I have been increasing the number of steps with at least 250 steps as well since that jump in numbers, so that really makes me feel proud of myself. The evening walks are becoming a habit as well, I haven’t been out every day but most days. Goal achieved!

And the third goal was to disconnect after 6 pm, and not use the internet. This has not been a complete success. I’ve managed to stay away on most days before workdays, but not weekends. This month has been busy, with little routine and a lot of events, and some days I haven’t had time to check emails and such before 6 pm. The fact that I’ve been aware that I’ve broken my own rule has helped me to keep focused and do what I need to do fast, though. And I do feel that the days when I’ve managed to stay away, its been easier to unwind. So… I need more work on this goal.

So there you have it, mixed results but I’m still rather pleased with my and our achievements. How was your October?