We had decided from the start that our frugal challenge would be for three months, so thats a given. It hasn’t felt like much of a challenge though, so I want to add something more to this months challenge.

I need to up my level of physical activity. I’m very good at sitting still! Unfortunately that’s not a good thing for my body, which needs to move… I know that if I move more my sleep will be better, and the stresslevels will go down. So there are many good reasons to move my body more – and still I tend to stay in my comfortable sofa. This September I’ve had some pain in the hipregion as well, which I’ve taken as an excuse to move less. That pain is subsiding though, and I want to start over.

I know that when I want to create a new habit it really helps if I can find a good spot for it in my life. A time of day, or another habit I can connect it to. So I’ve decided that to increase the motion in my life I want to create the habit of an evening walk. 18.00 is a good time, since mr Livslevandes has the habit of watching the evening news then – which don’t interest me at all.

I’m also aware that my chances of success with a new habit are a lot better if I have a way of measuring my progress. In this case it’s easy – I have a activity band that measures how many steps I take in a day, and sends the results to my android phone. That makes it easy to follow up on my success. In September the average steps per day has been embarrassingly low 3 163 steps/day… Although it doesn’t measure things I do like my morning yoga, my daily (5 min) time at the rowing machine or the fact that I bike to work most days. And I did have that ache in my hips – but still. Not good.

So my goal is to increase that number. Now I also know that setting very low goals helps me to not give up. Therefore my goal will be to increase the average number of steps by 250 each week, so: week 1: 3 400 steps, w 2: 3 650, w 3: 3 900, w 4: 4 150 and so on. 250 steps is about 2,5 minutes extra time walking – even a couch potato like me should be able to manage that!

This  year I’ve also been abstaining things on a regular basis. I never mentioned it, but September I skipped all alcohol, and also didn’t buy anything personal at all. I know that it’s a trend to do Sober October (rhymes better than Sober September too), but this month we have quite a few social events lined up, so I won’t be abstaining alcohol completely in October.

I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet in September, though. I started this blog, and there were a lot of things to learn and try out. Now that I have it up and running I intend to post a couple of times a week, but that should require a lot less time. I need to get back to a reasonable level of Internet access again.

So in October I’m going to abstain from Internet after 18.00 (in other words, no Internet after my evening walk).

Are you in the habit of challenging yourself? With what? Or why not?