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October 2016

October challenges completed

Second frugal month, evening walks and less Internet were my challenges this month. Mixed results, but not to bad!

Frugality is liberating

Frugal living doesn't mean to constantly deny yourself pleasure. On the contrary, when frugality becomes a habit you'll have more possibilities to do the things that are important to you. Let me share a few tips on things to try - the best way to save is on things you won't be missing.


My life is uncharacteristically filled with social events at the moment. That means I need to take extra time to recharge. Time to disconnect.

Introducing: Elder Cat

There are two cats in the Livslevandes family. The Elder Cat is - of course - the oldest.

A Frugal kind of Life

I've always lived frugally, sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. But I'm also living a very rich life - in part through the frugal way of life.

Find your rhythm

When I was running through life, towards my fatigue syndrome, I lost all sense of life's rhythm. Living by my own natural rhythms makes life much more simple and joyful.

Time is money… right?

"Time is money" - is it? How much time do you really spend to get your money? How much time is the money worth to you?

Invest your time in sleep

Lack of sleep affects your body and mind negatively. For me, lack of sleep also triggers my fatigue syndrome. I've found a way to sleep better.

October challenge: frugality, walking and internet restrictions

New challenges in October: continued frugality, evening walks and less time on the Internet.

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