In order to be happier, one of the best ways is to remember to be grateful for the things that are already good in your life. One often recommended method is to create a gratitude journal, to take note of and be thankful for a few things everyday.

But there are times when that’s easier said then done. When life feels like one big misery and everybody else’s lives seem so much better than yours.”Sure, they can be grateful for their lives, but mine? It’s just depressing.”

So I’m going to go out on a (fairly sturdy) limb here, and give you a few ideas of things you could be thankful for.

First of all, since you are reading this, you can read. According to the UN, about 1 out of 8 of all men, and 1 out of 5 of all women in this world can’t. Being able to read gives you the possibility to gather information, learn, study. As well as reading fiction, so that you can experience the joy of a story well told.

You can see. (Or else you have access to a technical solution for translating text to something that you can absorb.) You have also had the good fortune to be born with a brain that has the capacity to learn how to make words out of symbols.

You’re reading this from the Internet. So you’re living in a country where information is not censured. Also the infrastructure is in place well enough for you to be able to reach the Web. You have enough money to be able to pay for internet-access. (Or you have free access, if so you have that to be grateful about.)

You’re thinking is clear enough that you are able to make sense of the words I’ve written. That means that you are neither truly starving, nor acutely fighting illness.

You have the luxury of being able to take a few minutes for yourself, and read what you want. People struggling to survive rarely have.

You woke up this morning. You are still alive.

Maybe you also have people that you care about? Food enough for the day? Access to clean, drinkable water? A sheltered place to sleep?

It’s so very easy to take the good things for granted.