So, halfway through September and our first Frugal month. How are we doing? Well, I think. We’ve definitely been spending less, although we’ve been shopping more often than I had planned to.

And the other day I actually saw the wall in the back of the freezer! But then there was a very good price on cabbage, and we had ground meat in the freezer. We both like cabbage pudding, and it keeps well frozen, so my husband made a batch and we froze some of it for later. Also the lingonberries were ripe, so we picked some and froze them… And now that wall in the back is hidden again. But at least I know that what’s in front of it is fresh.

One part of the challenge is to take note of everything we buy,and I’ve done so. I’m using an app called
AndroMoney. I like it since it allows me to set my own categories and be as specific as I like, and still give me a more general idea when that’s what I want. It’s interesting to see where the money is going. And just a little scary – I’ve got a feeling that more than I like to think goes to stuff that’s not necessary. Or even good for us… But not this month!

Since I’ve only recently begun doing that, I’ve got nothing as detailed to compare with yet. But I have been keeping a more general budget before, so I’m going to be able to tell you if we’ve made any discernable progress by the end of the month.

I do feel that this frugal way of thinking is different than just wanting everything as cheap as possible. Even though it may look similar from a spectators point of view. But a true tightwad will buy cheap even when it makes more economical sense to buy quality in the long run.

Sometimes buying cheap will cost you more money over time. And sometimes the more expensive choice is no better, even if that’s what the commercials want’us to believe…

The same goes for food, you can buy very cheap food that’s not good for you. But there is no guarantee that just because it costs more it’s automatically better for you (or the environment) either.

In my mind, frugality is about being conscious about your spending, so that you can focus it on the things that really matter to you. While a person who just dislikes spending at all might have a fear of losing money, or maybe feels that he or she isn’t worth spending money on?