moving towards a simpler life

Phoneless Holidays

I’ve been phoneless since the day before Christmas Eve. This wasn’t a planned phone-vacation - but it’s been an interesting one.

Dark Days and the Importance of Sleep

In these the darkest days of the year I've been working on improving my sleep. The feeling of waking up fully rested is incredible!

A Room of My Own

I need time alone to recharge my batteries. And now, after a lot of thinking and some hard work, I do.

Retirement Planning and the Problem with the Future

My husband is planning for early retirement, with my help. It's not easy! And there is a problem: the future.

Lagom living

I don't know if you've come across the word "lagom". You may have - it's somehow become a buzzword, much to the baffelment of us living in Sweden. I've been thinking about lagom lately.

Simply living by the lake

After a vacation spent living simply in our cottage by a lake, I find myself noticing many things I usually take for granted.

The Joy of Longing

In this era of instant gratification I think sometimes we forget how much not having access to something all the time enhances the pleasure once it's there.

The Art of Buying

I've found a new way of looking at things. I think of things, stuff, as experiences - and that has led me to value them differently.

Things with Value

While I am drawn to minimalism, I do welcome new things into my life occasionally. But some things that make it to my wishlist seem to take up permanent residence, and still never get bought. What is it that makes things valuable enough to buy, in my mind? And what if I try another way of deciding what gets to the top of the list?

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